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Signature Body Treatments at Spa 5 Elements Marrakesh

In Phyto5, each professional body treatment follows several basic steps: analysis of your skin and your body structure, body scrub, stimulating energy points, natural clay mask element, drainage, massage of the moment, personalized concluded.

Soins ésthétique Marrakech Soins ésthétique Marrakech


You have a stressful life? take care of our energy and experience a moment of pure relaxation and renewal. To help you find your item that you need a physical and mental equilibrium.

BODY CARE DREAM « 2H45 » 1200dhs /pers

Find the harmony of your figure. Regular care will give you a perfect result

Care Slimming Cure: Visual Result dice the second session

SLIMMING TREATMENT CURE 6 sessions-4500dhs 12 session-7200dhs /pers

We offer anti-cellulite treatments slimming treatments each treatment involves several steps:

  • Removes energy blockages
  • Eliminates toxins by activating the lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Burn fat cells
  • balance the energy centers (chakras)
  • Fight against cellulite
  • Firms, tone the skin and make it sublime
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