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To the harmony of body and mind

Just like the art of living which for centuries made the reputation of Marrakech, our riad recreates the virtuous equilibrium of the garden city, constant dialogue shadows, water and light as soothing as conditioner.

To fight against stress, exhaustion and any form of negative emotion, and so find beauty, strength, courage, love, creativity and wisdom of Chinese medicine recommends to rebalance the influences of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Our therapists work from the reflex zones, meridians, acupuncture points and chakras. Whether facial or body relaxation effect, toning, slimming (with manual lymph drainage) or rejuvenation, the approach is always customized through a comprehensive diagnosis performed at Using a questionnaire taking into account the mental state that the health of the individual.

Thus is determined the item flagship whose equilibrium will obtain an overall well-being, given that :

  • Wood fights effectively against stress
  • Fire provides radiation of body and mind
  • Earth calm fatigue and promotes weight loss
  • Metal provides relaxation
  • Water helps re-energize

The environment of care was even thought this logic 5 Element since according shortcomings, it is in a thematic cabin Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water that treatments are conducted. None is identical to another. At each color, music, her perfume, her light the candle and care protocols creating a magical scene setting that invites to let go.

Wood Cabin

Dominant color : Green.
Fully decorated in wood, it is dedicated to the oldest traditional techniques with shedara table and a mezzanine reserved for Thai massage and shiatsu.

Cabin Fire (duet)

Main color : Red.
It is here that are practiced massage with hot stones, under a chandelier reproducing the pattern of a shimmering light.

Cabin Earth (duet)

Dominant color : Ochre.
In a scene recreating a beach universe with its pebble, sand and the waves the authentic Japanese bath, lavishes slimming cures.

Metal cabin (duet)

Dominant color : anthracite gray
Its discreetly illuminated darkness flicker light ensures perfect relaxation.

Cabin Water (duet)

Main color : Black
Glamorous, with double bathroom lit by a multitude of small candles, it lends itself particularly well to energizing treatments.

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