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Signature Facial Care at Spa 5 Elements in Marrakesh

Each professional facials follows several steps: analysis your skin type, deep cleansing seaweed, drainage, stimulation of your reflex zones with masks to clay and personalized care tips.

Soins visage : ésthétique Marrakech

CARE SEASON 60-450dhs /pers

reat your skin with the seasons. Retrieves the harmony of your face and your skin. Suitable for all skin types. The season comes in 5 Phyt’Elément care: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

CARE ELEMENT TO CLAY (75MN) 550dhs /pers

Through your element, this treatment provides shine and your baby’s skin


That tells our face? Based on Chinese energy, this treatment works on all the reflex areas of the face.

HUMAN CARE REFINED 75-550dhs /pers

For dynamic men who want flawless skin throughout the year.

CURE CARE ANTI-AGING 6 sessions-3500dhs 12 session-5600dhs /pers

Nous proposons des cures de traitements anti-âge Les 5 aspects de l’énergie vitale correspondent à des canaux énergétiques et à des zones réflexes sur le visage. Le soin équilibrant utilisant les 5 argiles colorées est un soin « signature » donnant des résultats immédiats visibles et ressentis.

  • Cure 6 sessions : 3500dhs/pers,Result visible dice the second session
  • Cure 12 sessions: 5600dhs/pers,Result visible dice the second session
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