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Products of Spa 5 Elements in Marrakesh

Oriental rituals and signature treatments are provided based on 100% natural and environmentally friendly products.

Produits cosmétique bio Marrakech Produits cosmétique bio Marrakech

Elixirs of Morocco

Their virtues are known for centuries. Drawn from the natural resources of the earth, they give the skin new radiance and the body’s vital energy needed for daily life.

The soap is an exfoliating paste, grain-free, oil-based and crushed black olives and marinated in salt and potash. It softens and cleanses the body.

Ghassoul is a clay 100% organic, which used body mask, degreases the skin deep.

The red, green or white clay on the type of skin purify and give the softness of satin

Argan oil allows it to fight against dryness and aging.

The range Phyto5

Worldwide leader in natural and holistic energy cosmetics for over thirty years, this line inspired by the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine offers a complete line of beauty and spa products, face and body. Made in Switzerland with components such as clays, algae, plankton, minerals (trace elements) and essential oils, it rebalances and restores the internal working fluid. 100% organic, it keeps in harmony with nature and the energy quality of each season.

  • Elimine les blocages énergétiques.
  • Elimine les toxines en activant la circulation lymphatique et sanguine.
  • Brûle les cellules graisseuses
  • Équilibre les centres énergétiques (chakras)
  • Lutte contre la cellulite
  • Raffermit , tonifier la peau et la rendre sublime

  • Peau sensible
  • Circulation artérielle
  • Couperose
  • Rougeurs diffuses
  • Transpiration
  • Varices
  • Irritations

  • Peau acnéique
  • Toxines
  • Kystes
  • Cellulite
  • Prise de poids localisée ventre et jambes

  • Peau sèche
  • Manque de minéraux et d’oxygène
  • Jambes lourdes
  • Prise de poids sur les hanches

  • Peau terre
  • Déshydratation
  • Rides et ridules
  • Perte de tonicité
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