Welcome to the temple of well-being! Unique concept in all Africa

Welcome to the temple of well-being
     Taking precious time for your body and mind … this should not remain a dream

      Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been looking for ways to be revitalized
         and …energized
       It’s a vital need to listen to your body to reach out for real happiness

Enter and let yourself flow
  5Elements Spa key-words
-    a coherent philosophy for a  balanced harmony in our numerous treatments
-    water as source of numerous virtues
-    tailored treatments to really meet everyone needs
-    a professional staff to service and accompany you
-    Spa 5Element offers you a full range of 100٪ certified natural products (honouring the   local oriental essential oils)
-    An ideal environment where your wellbeing is the centre of our attention
From the concept of our spa to the desing of our equipment, we offer you a perfect escape
    from day-to-day stress