The sources of the Orient:

Inspired by the sweet magic of steam, ancestral tradition doomed the purifying and beautifying, 5 Elements Spa & Wellness is the perfect stopover where his torments vanish, fade fatigue, stop time while learning to One of the more intimately authentic rituals of the country.

In our delightful decor stucco, with tiles and carved wood of a traditional riad located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the medina of Marrakech, our care a lavish wellness of the body and deliver a sense of inner peace for to understand life differently.

Our excellence is based on the combination of three approaches to energy balance:
– Specifically Moroccan Rituals
– High technicality Thai energy massages, Taoist, and LomiLomi Abhyanga
– Signature care based on the concept of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

On the ground floor of the riad, the patio equipped small outdoor lounges distributes two dressing rooms, two traditional hammams in private or collective access up to 20 people simultaneously, a rest room and affusion massage room. Upstairs, galleries distribute five treatment rooms scratched 5 elements (four pair) and a cabin for aesthetic pedicures, manicures and blow drying. The terrace on the roof of the riad offers a solarium for further relaxation and enjoy the sunshine of Marrakech.

Recognizing the constraints of modern life, the 5 Elements Spa is open daily from 9 am to 21 pm. It is accessible by car and offers both signature treatments 2 hours 30 massages of 30 minutes, individually or in pairs. With the exception of a compulsory swimsuit, supplied the steam bath sandals, products, slippers, towels and embroidered robes on behalf of the House.