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Our Slimming Cures

Find the harmony of your silhouette. Regular care gives you an impeccable result. Major remarkable results from the third session followed by aphysio therapist and a nutritionist.

We offer Anti-cellulites limming treatments.Each treatment follows several steps: 1/ Eliminating energy blockages 1 / Eliminating toxins by activating the lymphatic and blood circulation. 1 / Burning fat cells 1 / Balancing your energy centers (Chakras) 1 / Cellulite Control 1 / Firmning and toning skin to makeit sublime

06 sessions Cure:  4500dh / per 12 sessions Cure:7200dh / per

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Our Anti-aging Cures

Cure Anti-AgingTreatment: Result visible from the second session 6 Sessions Cure: 3500dh / per 12 SessionsCure: 5600dh / per

We offer cure treatments for anti-aging. The 5 aspects of vital energy correspond to energetic channels and reflex zones located on the face. The balancing care uses colored clays, a signature care that gives immediate outer and innerresults.

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