In terms of beauty and well-being, our trend is ethnic. We like to dig in different cultures and traditions. At the head of our oriental care treatments there is: the Hammam, a symbol of relaxation and beauty, well-being and serenity … Having a relaxing massage is always a moment of pleasure. But sometimes it’s a little bit more than that … more in terms of excellence.
Our Signature Cares: Beauty through your element. Life stressful and  full of negative emotions. Our care practice is mainly based on this truth, and on movements and changes that are influenced by the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These five elements form a togetherness. Any disturbance of the natural cycle results in exhaustion and mental and / or bodily fatigue. Rebalancing each of the five elements will give you total harmony. 

Internal and external well-being go together
Any external problem has an internal cause
Individual approach of the whole person (face and body)
Natural products and care

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